Business Phone Models

DigitalPath Business Services

Phone Options to Save You Money & Maximize Productivity

DigitalPath is pleased to offer enterprise IP phones from Grandstream, Aastra and CounterPath for our business voice customers. DigitalPath premise and cloud PBX solutions are optimized for these models, and our white-glove professional installation and support, is included at no additional cost for all business voice customers with our recommended phone platforms.

Business Voice System Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

These phones either come preprogrammed for your use – just plug into your Internet circuit – or installed onsite by our professional technicians.

Buy or Rent

Phone models may be purchased outright or rented monthly. Multiple phone models are available from our preferred manufacturers, and the Grandstream, Aastra and Counterpath commitment to voice over IP innovation means DigitalPath business customers always receive the best mix of quality, reliability, price and feature sets from their phone system.

Flexible Phone Options

* Cordless sets for warehouse and resort environments
* 6 line phones with up to 64 busy lamp fields for receptionists managing multiple inbound calls
* 2 and 4 line phones for essential day to day phone tasking
* Android and XML phones for executives
* Softphones for call center personnel
* Mix and Match to suit your needs

Grandstream Models
* GXP 2100
* GXP 2120
* GXP 2124
* GXP 1450
* DP 715

Aastra Models
* 6731i
* 6757

Counterpath Softphones
* Bria for Desktop
* Bria for Smartphones

Speak to your business VoIP specialist today to learn how DigitalPath
Business Services can help you mix and match the correct models to
maximize productivity for your staff in various departments.